CBS Fawns Over Caroline Kennedy; Rose Wonders If She Will Run For President

Charlie Rose, Norah O'Donnell, and Gayle King gushed over Caroline Kennedy on Friday's CBS This Morning. O'Donnell asked Kennedy is she supported a potential Hillary Clinton presidential run in 2016, which prompted Rose to wonder if the daughter of JFK might run herself for the highest elected office in the U.S.

King hyped the potential nomination of Kennedy to be an ambassador to Japan: "Madame Ambassador – does that have a ring to it for you?" O'Donnell tossed the softest of softballs as a follow-up: "Do you like Japan or Canada better?" (audio available here; video below the jump)

The three anchors brought on the liberal personality to conclude their week-long "Eye-Opening Women" series, whose guests mostly came from the cultural left. They also gave her a platform to announce the annual "Profile in Courage" Award, which she manages as president of the JFK Library Foundation. She revealed that the latest recipient of the award is former liberal Representative Gabby Giffords, who, of course, has become a high-profile proponent of gun control in the wake of the 2011 Tucson mass shooting in which she was seriously wounded.

Midway through the segment, O'Donnell raised the issue of the potential 2016 presidential field: "You were co-chair of President Obama's campaign. There's a lot of talk about Hillary Clinton, perhaps, running in 2016. We've been focusing on 'Eye-Opening Women' all this week. Would you like for her to run?" After Kennedy replied, "I think that would be great...she's an incredibly inspirational figure", the former NBC correspondent followed up by asking, "Would you support her candidacy?"

Rose then chimed in about Kennedy potentially running for president: "Hillary is one thing. How about you?" King quickly followed up with her fawning question about a possible role as ambassador for the Obama administration:

GAYLE KING:  There are rumors about you – shall we say, as Charlie said earlier – Madame Ambassador – does that have a ring to it for you?

CAROLINE KENNEDY: I don't know. It seems to have a ring to all of you. (Rose laughs) Nobody – I mean, it is early, and I remain an incredibly strong supporter of the President, and – you know, I think service is important, and I'd love to serve in any way, and I try to do that here in New York.

KING: Okay, Caroline – good, good, good-

KENNEDY: So, no one's asked me, if that's what you really want to know-

Caroline Kennedy, President, JFK Library Foundation; Screen Cap From 8 March 2013 Edition of CBS This Morning | NewsBusters.orgKING: Okay – that's the – yes. No one has asked you-

KENNEDY: No one has asked – yes-

KING: Are you interested?


The beyond-softball tone of the interview reached a new level when O'Donnell asked her "Japan or Canada" question. Rose then asked a more general version of his earlier question: "And you haven't ruled out elected office either?"

This isn't the first time that a CBS morning newscast has touted the presidential daughter. Back in December 2008, former anchor Julie Chen touted Kennedy's celebrity status as she examined the possibility of Kennedy running to replace Hillary Clinton in her Senate seat. She also defended the liberal against critics who highlighted her lack of political experience: "This is so unfair. I mean, look, the system is set up the way it's set up and Governor Paterson decides and that's it. Leave her alone, everyone."

The transcript of the relevant portion of the Caroline Kennedy interview from Friday's CBS This Morning is available at

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