Bozell: Media Waved Pom-Poms for Obama on Sequester, Now 'Sad' That Doom-and-Gloom Predictions Failed to Pan Out

The liberal media should have reported President Obama's Chicken Little sky-is-falling claims about the sequester, but "with clear skepticism" instead of mindlessly parroting them, NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell told Fox News's Sean Hannity on the March 7 edition of his eponymous program.  "They should have gone to the American people and in effect said, this man is lying," but instead, "they did the exact opposite. They waved the pom-poms for him," the Media Research Center (MRC) founder argued.

Even worse, Hannity added, after the sequester ended up being a nothing-burger, the media whined about it, wringing their hands that the public are not concerned. "Let's understand what they mean when they say it's sad.... they're sad that the America people aren't believing the media," Bozell argued, adding the the "big losers" in the whole sequester ordeal are the liberal media, because "people are seeing right through it." [watch the full "Media Mash" segment here]

Also discussed on Media Mash was MSNBC's Chris Matthews tarring conservatives by associating them with racism and hate groups.

"By Chris Matthews's own logic," Bozell insisted, the Hardball host "should be blamed" for cop killer Christopher Dorner's murders, since Dorner praised Matthews, among other liberal journalists, in his rambling manifesto.

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