Leno’s White House Sequester Ad: ‘Girl Scouts Will Be Forced To Sell Meth’

It’s certainly clear to Jay Leno that the Obama administration is fearmongering the budget sequester.

On NBC’s Tonight Show Thursday, Leno played a mock White House ad claiming among other things that if sequestration occurs, “Girl Scouts will be forced to sell meth" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

“The White House is being accused of using scare tactics in order to gain public support on this sequestration issue,” teased Leno. “I think they're trying too hard. You seen their latest ad? Take a look.”

A video was then aired with ominous sounding music and an announcer saying the following:

ANNOUNCER: If sequestration isn't resolved, the world as we know it will change forever. Schoolchildren will be taught by drifters. Instead of cookies, Girl Scouts will be forced to sell meth. And old people will be sent to Europe and will likely end up in Ikea meatballs. Is this the world you want to live in? Tell your Congressman to end the sequester now.

In reality, what Obama and his obedient press have been saying the past several weeks really isn't that different.

If only more in the media were exposing the lies like Leno rather than aiding and abetting them.

But I guess that would be too much like journalism for today's press.

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