Letterman Video: Obama Uses Drone Strike to Sink a Putt Against Tiger Woods

David Letterman seems more concerned with President Obama's drone program than most of the media.

On CBS's s Late Show Monday, the host aired a mock video of Obama using a drone strike to help him sink an errant putt while playing golf with Tiger Woods (video follows with transcript and commentary):

DAVID LETTERMAN: Something happened over the weekend that I thought was interesting. I don't know why, but it’s interesting, and if I were smarter I’d be able to articulate this. All I know is that it’s interesting. Our president, Barack Obama, took a day or two off to go play golf in Florida. Fine, I don't care. Play golf, what do I care? Played with a guy named Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods.

I don't know much about golf. I know it will get a hold of you, and it gets in your system, and it's like a disease, it's like a fever. It burns in you, it drives you, it pushes you, and it’ll make you crazy. And there are some guys who are really good at it, and then there are some guy who don't play fair. And I think that there are more guys playing golf who don't play fair than do play fair. I'm not saying anything, but just take a look at this footage. This is our president playing golf this weekend.

A video clip was then aired of Obama on a putting green, and when his ball rolled by the hole, a drone flew overhead shooting a missile into the green creating a new hole that the ball marvelously landed in.

When the video ended, Letterman said to the audience, “Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?”

Interesting that a late night comedian seems more concerned about the president’s drone program than most of America’s media.

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