Piers Morgan Accuses GOP of 'Misogyny,' 'Political Grandstanding' at Clinton Hearing

Could Piers Morgan be any more of an Obama hack? After Republicans grilled Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over the Benghazi attacks on Wednesday, Morgan unloaded on their criticism as "political grandstanding" showing "a whisper of misogyny."

"I've been listening to the Republicans getting on their high horse about this for a long time. Now I've thought a lot of today's criticism was political grandstanding in many ways," said the CNN host who has done plenty of grandstanding of his own from his high horse on gun control.

"I'm getting a little bit weary, I'll be honest with you, with the relentless attacks first on Susan Rice and now on Hillary Clinton. There's a – a whisper of misogyny to it, I think, and it's getting pretty, I think, incestuous and very Washington-orientated rather than in the national interest of America," Morgan lamented.

And like a good White House pawn, he switched attention from Clinton to Republicans: "I think the Republicans have to remember they themselves made some pretty catastrophic errors when it came to intelligence, and I don't remember people queuing up, demanding they get fired or anyone losing their jobs over it."

Actually, Condoleezza Rice took some serious vitriol when she was Bush's nominee for Secretary of State, and as the Washington Post reported, she got "the most negative votes cast against a nominee for that post in 180 years."

Regardless, Morgan kept pointing scrutiny away from the Obama administration, choosing to toss some blame at the media:

"I mean, the biggest mistake, it seemed to me, was putting Susan Rice up on that Sunday morning on television with what turned out to be wrong intelligence when they didn't really need to go that fast. And actually, that's probably as much the media's fault for demanding that they do that kind of thing. So I think everyone's a little bit culpable here."

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