Christian Singer's Dancing Baby Steals New Year's Eve Show

You probably haven't heard of Christian/Country/Gospel/Soul singer Coffey Anderson, but once you see what his toddler son did at a New Year's Eve concert in Irving, Texas, you'll never forget either of them.

Anderson was in the middle of his rendition of Van Morrison's "Brown Eyed Girl" when onto the stage came his young son Ethan - pacifier and all!

Anderson wrote at his Facebook page, "I was playing onstage and my little boy who dances when I play guitar at home, got away from the backstage and stormed the stage. First he hugged me and then he danced like he was free!"

Dance Ethan did to the roars and applause of an excited crowd.

At one point, Ethan joined his father in the middle of the stage the two of them dancing without a care in the world.

When Coffey riffed into Tommy Tutone's "867-5309," Ethan didn't miss a beat.

I dare you to watch the entire video without shedding a tear.

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