MSNBC's Perry In a 'Mushy Mess' Over LGBT Wedding

Far-left MSNBC weekend host Melissa Harris-Perry is no fan of marriage. The whole business is simply an act of “conspicuous consumption under the guise of tradition and love," she scoff. But the cynical feminist in her finds herself reduced to a “mushy mess when it comes to two fantastic people finding genuine happiness – and deciding to celebrate.” But that couple in question, naturally, is a same-sex couple, one half of which is, wait for it, transgendered.

According to gay rights group GLAAD:

Scout and Liz, an LGBT couple whose engagement at the White House's LGBT Pride reception went viral in an online video were married last week. Scout, a transgender man, proposed to his partner Liz Margolies in June before a cheering crowd. The couple's engagement video has received more than 75,000 views on YouTube and sparked comments of support, as well as some unfortunate anti-LGBT bias.

Several months later, the couple was married by an LGBT-affirming rabbi in New York City. Scout and Liz wanted their wedding to serve as a message for LGBT youth who had been inspired by the story of their engagement, but were then discouraged by the uproar from anti-LGBT voices.

Harris-Perry concluded by saying “come June [2013] we can only hope the Supreme Court sees a place for more Scout and Lizs in this country.”

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