Actor Christian Slater's Election Day Vote Rejected In Florida

Actor Christian Slater tried as hard as anyone to vote on Election Day earlier this month.

Unfortunately, after a lot of craziness at his polling station, he received a letter from the Miami-Dade canvassing board saying that his provisional ballot had been rejected.

Slater documented his Election Day travails on Twitter first saying that he had already been in line for four hours leading him to do absentee next time.

Two hours later he tweeted, "Made it in the room only to find out the DMV didn't register me when I got my new license. They asked me if I wanted to reg and I said yes."

"So, now I'm standing by and waiting while this guy tries to get the State on the phone I guess," Slater wrote moments later. "I really want to vote."

He thought he had been successful tweeting the following 50 minutes later:

Sadly, the story didn't end there for on Friday, Slater tweeted a letter he received from the Miami-Dade canvassing board saying that his vote couldn't be counted because the signature on the provisional ballot certificate envelope didn't match the signature on his voter registration card.

Also curious, the letter published by Buzzfeed was addressed to Christina D. Slater not Christian D. Slater:

And liberals think the tough voting regulations enacted by Florida's governor were intended to suppress minority votes.

Now THAT'S entertainment.

Christian Slater
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