Video: Alan Colmes Slams NewsBusters for Legitimate Criticism of Hillary Clinton Puff Piece

Libertarian media critic Jim Pinkerton and liberal Alan Colmes sparred earlier this afternoon on the Fox News program Happening Now over the question of the media's generally positive treatment of outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, despite unresolved questions about her role in the Benghazi debacle.

One item discussed in the segment was NewsBusters senior editor Tim Graham's November 26 post, "Forget Libya! WashPost Champions Hillary for President In Gushing 'Wonky Methodist' Profile," which took Washington Post staffer Stephanie McCrummen to task for her gauzy front-page puff piece in Monday's paper. For his part, of course, Colmes dismissed NewsBusters out-of-hand, without taking the time to seriously attempt to rebut Graham's arguments (watch video below):

ALAN COLMES: They will only be happy if they do a litany of every mistake she's ever made as opposed to a personality profile. I don't know what would make NewsBusters, a right-wing, anti-liberal website happy, or make conservatives happy, unless every negative thing that ever happened is listed, only then would conservatives be happy about a piece of press about Hillary Clinton.

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