Daily Kos Pounds Pro-Lifers as Slut-shaming 'Slimebuckets'

Some left-wingers don’t beat around the bush. Take this Daily Kos blog post, titled “The REAL Pro-Life Movement: Murderers, Rapists, Incest-Enablers, Pedophiles, and Liars.”

The blogger named “Bad Kitties” began: “The ‘pro-life’ movement is absolutely anything BUT ‘pro-life.’ This hypocritical and misleading nomenclature should be discontinued immediately. ‘Anti-choice’ is also far too tame.” They’re slut-shaming slimebuckets: 

This group of thugs, hiding behind declarations of piety about "the sanctity of life," needs to be labeled exactly as they ARE: Forced-birth slut-shamers, advocates of murder, hypocrites, pedophiles, enablers of rape and incest, and generally all-around lying slimebuckets.

How do you argue with a person like this seated across the Thanksgiving table? Liberals would love to tell you that they specialize in empathy: they, unlike the fetus-sanctifiers, can feel people’s pain. Why, then, are they so immune to acknowledging a troublesome nuance anywhere in the moral tug of war between a pregnant woman and her unborn baby? It continued:

The solution to reducing abortion is VERY SIMPLE: Improve access to contraception. That's it. And yet the forced-birth slut shamers rail against that and oppose it fiercely. Why? Because it allows sex without consequences. And they HATE that. Non-procreative sex, in their view, should be PUNISHED.

It should be said that not all pro-lifers are also morally opposed to contraception. Most who are come from the Catholic faithful. But there are evangelicals and Jews and atheists and feminists who are pro-life.  But despite left-wing panic to the contrary, there is no crisis in access to contraceptives in America today. Any woman who finds herself pregnant most likely had an opportunity to use “protection.” It’s that reality that makes the Kosmonaut imagine that pro-lifers are “torturers” who would make the irresponsible people suffer for their thoughtlessness:

Any woman--or girl--who has sex outside marriage, whether willingly or unwillingly (through rape or incest) who is unfortunate enough to become pregnant with an unwanted child, must be forced to carry that product of the act to show her shame to the world.

At the moment of that conception, in their view, she suddenly loses all claim to her own body. Her other roles in life--daughter, sister, mother, wife, friend, co-worker, aunt, niece, partner, granddaughter--all evaporate as she becomes a hostage to the clump of cells in her uterus. She is merely a vessel, a giant incubator for something too small to be seen by the naked eye.

I would hope that I would never be a pro-lifer making an argument against the woman who chooses abortion with half as much venom as “Bad Kitties” makes against the pro-lifers who would calmly try to talk her out of her “choice” on the clinic sidewalk.

Tim Graham
Tim Graham
Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis