NB's Graham: Press Corps Rewarded Obama Ignoring Press for Months with Softball Press Conference

"After months and months and months" of Barack Obama "stiff-arming the press," the president was treated softly on Wednesday's press conference, NewsBusters senior editor Tim Graham told Fox Business Network's Stuart Varney on the November 15 edition of Varney & Co.

True, "we got a Benghazi question from Jon Karl of ABC, although he pitched it as 'please yell at [Sen.] McCain.' And we got a Benghazi question from Ed Henry of Fox News, which he [President Obama] stiff-armed," but other than that, the questions were soft. "This is their ferocity?!" Graham asked rhetorically. [watch the video below the page break]

More reporters should have picked up on Henry's question, asking queries to such basic things that haven't been answered like, "What did you order? What did you do? What did you say? What did you know?" on September 11 while the attack was underway.

Instead, Graham complained, you had reporters like CBS's Nancy Cordes wasting her question on fluff like wondering when the president is hoping to schedule a sit-down chat with Gov. Mitt Romney.

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