Religion-and-Journalism Sites Explore Planned Parenthood And Abortion Clinic Stories

A little religion-news blogging before church on a Sunday morning...One liberal Web site devoted to religion and the news media is called The Revealer, operated by Jeff Sharlet, author of "Killing the Buddha: A Heretic's Bible." (It's been favorably compared as spiritual writing on a plane with the oh-so-spiritual....Jack Kerouac.) But I find the site a useful window on the religion-and-the-news debate. Some times, I find useful tidbits where I didn't expect it: I've now discovered on the rebound that Planned Parenthood has now turned Michelangelo's portrait of God touching fingers with Adam to....have God handing Adam a condom. That's at least as outrageous as anything Pat Robertson says.

The other site I've recommended, from a conservative bent, is Get Religion, and the most interesting post of the week is a review of Stephanie Simon's November article for the Los Angeles Times trying to report from inside an abortion just focusing straightforwardly on the women there, and not trying to calculate which political side is hurt or helped. This is current because Simon just explained the reaction to the story for the Casey Journalism Center at the University of Maryland, a fairly liberal instititution. (It's nice to see they also choked on the Washington Post's fawning over Kate Michelman.)

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