What the Media Won’t Report About Ted Kennedy

Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Massachusetts) has been largely preoccupied and extraordinarily concerned about potential Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s apparent affiliation with a conservative, all-male organization while he attended Princeton...and America’s press are eating it up. A perfect example is Dana Milbank’s column in today’s Washington Post:

“It looked to be a second dreary day in the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court pick Samuel Alito, as the senators droned and the nominee dodged. Then, just before lunch, the old lion roared.

“Actually, it started as a growl. The gray-maned Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) read quotations published by a conservative Princeton group to which Alito belonged, protesting that blacks, Hispanics and women ‘don't know their place’ and suggesting medical experiments for gay Princeton students.”

Yet, the delicious irony that Milbank and most of the media failed to inform the public is that Kennedy himself was a member of an all-male social club when he attended Harvard. As reported by the Washington Times (hat tip to the Drudge Report):

“The eight-term senator belonged to an all-male social club -- the Owl -- at Harvard University. The Owl refused to admit women until it was forced to do so during the 1980s, according to records kept by the Harvard Crimson, the student newspaper.”

What’s the likelihood of any mainstream media outlets sharing this with the public?

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