Babel On -- Speaking of Speaking

The gift of a common tongue is a priceless inheritance and it may well someday become the foundation of a common citizenship—Winston Churchill

Much has been made of words in recent years, and we can lay every outcry at the feet of Political Castration.  Every single one.

The first has to do with language itself.  We live in a nation where approximately 215 million people speak English.  That’s right; out of the approximately 300 million in America, the vast, vast, vast majority speaks English, and in case you’re retarded or liberal—a bit redundant, I know—the majority is the rule in this nation, and has been since its inception. 

Now the MSM would have you believe that this is because we are an arrogant, racist society that crushes the individual spirit by demanding that everyone conform to us.  They see this as a “How dare Americans make us speak their language in their land!” scenario rather than what it really is:  an absolute necessity for the creation and maintenance of a healthy nation and a cohesive citizenry.  They utterly ignore the most glaring fact of all that is logical and reasonable.  No nation, group, race, or religion can expect to come together for a cause if they can’t even do the first act necessary to find like-minded compatriots:  communicate.  This is why all successful nations have met that initial requirement of affiliation by endorsing one national language; without it, no one would ever get past the  original idea, because there would be no way to come together and begin the process of building a country.

Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speech.  Genesis 11: 7


There is a reason that at the time of the Tower of Babel people automatically divided themselves into groups not by race, gender, politics, religion or even family, but by language.  As they mingled amongst themselves after our Father in Heaven confounded them, they automatically sought out those who spoke the same language, others with whom they could communicate and fabricate a new world.  They would have stagnated into a pile of frustration had they attempted to remain as one big, garbled populace, never gaining, never progressing, slowly growing wary and suspicious of one another and what someone of evil intent might be saying.  It must have been mighty confusing as they weaved in and out of the crowd, discouraged and near panic trying to find another human being with whom they could commune.  It is innate, it is accepted, and history has proven that it is successful.  It is the first deciding factor in the inherent mortal drive to come together not only as friends, but as a compatible assemblage. 

So insisting that those who wish to be a part of our group also speak our language is as rational as it gets.  Unfortunately logic and reason don’t work on hippies, in spite of the fact that they are leading proof, no matter how pathetic, of a group of people who speak the same language banding together. 

And while you bring countries with you, you come with the purpose of leaving all other countries behind you—bringing what is best of their spirit, but not looking over your shoulders and seeking to perpetuate what you intended to leave behind in them-- Woodrow Wilson

We also have a politically castrated way of thinking that we’ve seen grow into an angry monster desperate to consume the Constitution.  He is a beast who is hell-bent on taking away freedom of speech.  We saw its genesis some forty years ago in that most useless and dim-witted generation of hippies who began weaseling their way into our lives and hacking little bit at a time until the sculpture that once resembled a free Republic began to bear ominous similarities to some Red Square despot.  This beast has done everything it can to decide what we can and can’t say, a ridiculous sentiment in a land where even the most vile human being is still supposed to be able to at least speak his beliefs out loud.  Our Founding Fathers believed that every human on earth should always be allowed to speak his mind, free of fear from his government, and they held fast to this belief for one very good reason:  every idea begins in the mind of a man and then must be communicated to others.  Without freedom of speech, the idea is never born, advancement and change become impossible, and the ability of man to further himself or his nation is laid to rest in an impotent waste pile of aborted thought.

We are supposed to believe that Nazis can spew their venom, because our Founding Fathers believed that the hearts and minds of the average American would reject evil when they saw it.  We are supposed to believe that hippies can march and protest and dumb down the joint because our Founding Fathers believed that the hearts and minds of the average American would reject stupidity when they saw it.  These magnificent men also knew that words only have the power you give them.  They are, after all, only words, and we are in charge of them, no matter how good, bad, or ugly they may be.  Censorship is un-American and an insult to intelligent people.  We have the ability to distinguish truth from lies, right from wrong.  Words can do nothing if we reject them, but we are supposed to believe that they are still allowed to be presented.  No matter what.

The one absolute certain way of bringing  this nation to ruin…would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities.  We have but one flag.  We must also learn one language, and that language is English—Theodore Roosevelt

I once read a wise man who wrote that satan can get to you through your strengths as well as your weaknesses.  One of this nation’s greatest strengths has been that the best people from all over the world assembled and assimilated here.  We became great because of that.  We are a good and just nation because of that.  But the MSM—as with all communists—want some people to not be allowed the right they shrilly demand for themselves.  The pussification of this land was their goal, and it has happened.

I have seen military men who, when they discovered my visceral objection to women in frontline military units, look from side to side and lean in close to whisper, “Me too.”  This always leaves me stunned.  That these men who secure us this most basic of human rights fear the power that we have given to mere words sickens me.  It’s just plain wrong, and it’s deeply insulting.  Femminists pitched a fit to demand to be treated the same as men, forgetting that men don’t always treat one another so great.  These communist types shove it down our throats how independent, strong, and unstoppable they are, but just try calling them “Baby” or “Broad” and all hell—and lawyers—breaks loose.  I’ve said it before:  If you can’t handle a few damned words, there’s no way you are going to survive the never-ending war that is life as we know it.  Only a fool is quick to take offense, and the hippies are indeed in that group.  If you’re that weak, that easily insulted, that foolish, you need to remove yourself from the gene pool; we don’t need or want you.  Get snipped or get out. 

This also applies to foul language.  Such verbiage cheapens us, and is so unnecessary in the free exchange of ideas.  However, once you start by impeding one person’s word usage, it will always eventually get to you and the words you use.  Besides, some of the greatest men I’ve known had a foul mouth.  I am definitely known to rip when I get going, much to my shame.  But again, if what is being said is good, true, and necessary, I can get past it…I’ll survive a few four letter words for a strong leader with good ideas and the courage to enact them.  Still, we should be on guard lest we become not so much common as base. 

We have a right to say Christmas.  We have a right to say chick or wet back.  We have a right to say damn.  And we even have the right to say “Death to America.”  The only law we should ever even consider enacting in the arena of speech is that they all be in the same language, that we might at least know when we are being exalted and when we are being belittled.

Keep the faith, bros, and in all things courage.  And Merry Christmas…yeah, I said it—while I still can.















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