What? Randi Rhodes Guesses Mark Levin Is a 'Pothead'

The Radio Equalizer blog finds leftist radio talker Randi Rhodes slowly losing her mind over the finding that Trayvon Martin had traces of marijuana in his system when he was killed. She expected that finding "means that conservative pundits are going to try and turn this into a sequel to 'Reefer Madness.' The THC could have been from 30 days ago."

Somehow, this became an occasion for Rhodes to trash Mark Levin for doing his radio show from his home in northern Virginia. His convenient studio location makes him a "pothead" of some sort:

RANDI RHODES: You think that he could live in his bedroom the way he does and broadcast his show from there, never leave the house and he's not a pothead? Are you kidding me, he's not a stoner? Right!

Yeah, uh-huh, I'm down with you, Mark Levin, oh yes, oh yes baby! I get - yeah, oh I believe you have never smoked the pot you will never smoke the pot - this is why you have what, social anxiety disorder, to the point where you have like agoraphobia - you can't go out of the house - it's paranoia, honey.

Levin makes it a habit to avoid bizarre liberal hosts trying to get his attention with wacky statements like this.

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