Tina Brown: Santorum 'Like Judas Iscariot'

Early frontrunner for the most preposterous political analogy of the year . . .

On today's Morning Joe, Tina Brown said Rick Santorum was "like Judas Iscariot."  And just what was Santorum's sin that merited comparing him to the man who betrayed Jesus Christ for thirty pieces of silver?  That Santorum, 15 years after the fact, now regrets having supported Arlen Specter when his then-fellow Republican senator from Pennsylvania ran for president.  View the video after the jump.

Watch Brown betray common sense. The segment started with a clip of Santorum on ABC's This Week.

RICK SANTORUM: I was his colleague in the United States Senate. He asked me to stand with him.  That certainly wasn't one of my prouder moments I look back on. But, look, you know, you work together as a team for the State of Pennsylvania . . . I certainly knew that Arlen Specter was going nowhere. I certainly disagreed with a lot of the things he said, and it was something I look back on and wish I hadn't done.

A few moments later, Brown summoned up her fatuous simile.

TINA BROWN: This recent election has been all about people just reversing every loyalty they've ever had, anything they've ever done.  I mean, you know, the fact that Santorum is saying these things now is like Judas Iscariot, you know, everybody's just betraying everybody, reversing where they were, just to, sort of, make a point.  

Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein is a contributing editor for NewsBusters.