WashPost Mag Editor Compares Chris Christie to Tony Soprano

Cathy Areu, of the Washington Post Magazine, compared Sarah Palin to unsophistocated redneck Larry the Cable Guy back in 2010. She was back to her old self Thursday morning on CNN's Starting Point, railing against Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.) as "a Tony Soprano" character.

CNN host Soledad O'Brien also had some fun with Christie's weight, chuckling at Piers Morgan's compliment that governor was doing well in his weight loss regimen.

"He's not a governor. He's a character. He's a Tony Soprano," Areu ranted against Christie. When the question was asked if Republicans wished him in the presidential race, she spat out incredulously "How could you think that?"

She also sharply questioned the governor's debate abilities. "He's a mess. He doesn't listen. He just says whatever he's thinking. There's no filter."

After playing a clip of Christie discussing his weight with CNN host Piers Morgan, O'Brien snickered at Morgan's parting compliment that the governor's weight loss regimen was working. "Piers throwing the compliment, it's working. You're a shadow of your former self," O'Brien said mockingly.

A brief transcript of the segment, which aired on February 22 at 7:46 a.m. EST, is as follows:

(Video Clip)

CHRIS CHRISTIE, (R), governor of New Jersey: I'm trying to be healthier. I'm eating better. I've been working with a trainer on a regular basis and worked before we met today. And I'm trying. Because, you know, I'm getting ready to be 50. I'll be 50 this fall. And I'm starting to feel my own mortality. And I got to be around for my kids and hopefully for grandchildren. And so you start to think about it in that way that you don't really think about as a younger man.

PIERS MORGAN, host Piers Morgan Tonight: Well, it's working.

CHRISTIE: We're trying.

MORGAN: Keep going, Governor.

(End Video Clip)

SOLEDAD O'BRIEN: Piers throwing the compliment, it's working. You're a shadow of your former self.


CATHY AREU, contributing editor, Washington Post Magazine: He's not a governor. He's a character. He's a Tony Soprano. I'm thinking of –

O'BRIEN: Republicans watching that do you think, god, I wish Chris Christie were in this race?

AREU: How could you think that?


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