Chris Matthews Concedes: 'Liberals Don't Want to Pay More Taxes'; 'It's All a Game'

Liberal MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews conceded on Monday night, "Liberals don't want to pay more" in taxes. "It's all a game," The Hardball host admitted this while appearing at Ford's Theater on Monday night to discuss presidential leadership.

The wide-ranging discussion included historians Harold Holzer and Michael Beschloss. Matthews wandered off the main topic of Lincoln and Kennedy. In a discussion of money and politics, he insisted that some liberals really don't want their taxes raised.

Matthews noted an Obama fund-raising trip out to Los Angeles. "The Hollywood people all support him." He added that Obama is basically saying, "I'm going to run as a populist" and raise taxes. "It's a masquerade. Liberals don't want to pay more," Matthews spewed.

Historian Holzer, author of many Lincoln books, got some liberal shots in. He discussed the 1864 election and what a victory by Democrat George McClellan would have meant.

Holzer mentioned a possible reversal of the Emancipation Proclomation, pending a McClellan victory. Comparing the bondage of African Americans to overturning of Obamacare, he mocked, "People would be re-enslaved. It's like health care."

On the topic of Reagan, Matthews insisted, "I don't think he was a Tea Partier." Compared to modern conservatives, Matthews proclaimed that Reagan would be "center right" and not "far right."

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