Todd Disses Santorum--But Fails To Ding Dunn On Hedge Fund Hypocrisy

His show's called The Daily Rundown.  And sure enough, Chuck Todd ran down Rick Santorum this morning as just another "flavor of the day" who "probably won't be the nominee."  Apparently, trouncing Mitt Romney in three contests last week, and leading by a reportedly huge margin in Romney's native state of Michigan, isn't enough to impress Chuck.

But Todd totally swerved around Anita Dunn, failing to question his guest about the story of her big-money hypocrisy making today's news.  As Obama's White House communications director, Dunn regularly went after hedge funds.  But now as a PR consultant, as the Washington Free Beacon has reported, Dunn is taking hedge fund money for a campaign to promote the industry's image.  Incredibly, nary a word about it from Todd. Video after the jump.

Watch Todd dismiss Santorum's chances, while giving Dunn a free pass on the controversy surrounding her.

CHUCK TODD: I want to talk about our upstart front-runner, the newest flavor of the day, Rick Santorum. I've shown some of the soundbites, I don't want to play them again, because I think the lighting is horrible, you can't really hear him. But this is this infrastructure issue Jon Ward, you brought up.  We saw this movie before, the last Santorum surged.  His campaign can't handle simple things like putting on an event that figures out how to keep protestors at bay . . . The Santorum infrastructure, this is a reminder: he's probably not going to be the nominee and yet we know conservatives are still looking for somebody--it's just anybody.

PERRY WATSON: He's the latest person who's ahead in all the polls.


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