Daily Kos: Jesus vs. CPAC Attendees?

It wouldn't be the Daily Kos if they didn't greet activists at CPAC as women-hating, venom-spewing and bigoted hypocrites spouting "pseudo-pious obscenities" against contraception, which is somehow very spiritual.

On Sunday, after CPAC was over, Denise Oliver Velez unleashed her rage that Jesus wouldn't really be happy with these conservatives, who somehow oppose health in every way. "I want to shout 'screw you' at CPAC attendees and politicians and priests who are promoting death." Jesus is somehow on the same side as those angels at Planned Parenthood:

I wear a red ribbon.

And I am really angry. 

Angered by a horde of reactionary, women-hating, chastity obsessed (except in their own lives) right-wingers who huddled and spewed venom this week at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), spouting pseudo-pious obscenities bewailing “contraception” as if it is a communist plot against America...

Bigoted, smarmy hypocrites want to take down the first line of defense in many communities—Planned Parenthood, where young people can get free condoms, HIV testing and information and some sane words of advice and counsel. 

What is it that Republicans and conservatives don’t get about the “planned” in PP? It indicates thoughtfulness, deliberation, awareness and intelligence.

She then includes a Planned Parenthood video promoting condoms as the speaker asserts they prevent pregnancy and “sexually transmitted infections.” Ooooops. Did they avoid the fact that condoms don’t stop HPV infections? Yes, they did. But it did point out (with graphics) that condoms work for “Vaginal sex oral sex anal sex.”

The PPFA speaker also touts how “condoms are everywhere” and that they're cheap and sometimes handed out for free. Oooops. Doesn’t that undercut the whole “conservatives are making them unavailable” argument?

I want to shout "screw you" at CPAC attendees and politicians and priests who are promoting death. But not really—'cause they are people infected with a disease called hate. I don’t want to contract hate—I want to make it abate.

I wouldn’t touch them or their politics with a 10-foot pole.

I am not about to be infected by them. I get a daily inoculation against haters each time I pin my ribbon on and proudly proclaim myself as a member of the army of sanity—waging the battle against ignorance and hypocrisy. 

They don’t want teachers to teach sex education. They don’t want doctors to dispense medicine. They want to deny access to free health coverage to the poor. They don’t want social workers to proffer advice and assistance. They don’t want parents to protect their kids.

They are despicable.

Many of them sprinkle their speeches with God and Jesus and “faith, hope and charity.” 

Well, if their Jesus comes back to earth he will be wearing a red ribbon—bright red like the drops of blood depicted on his hands. Those of us who practice charity and don’t just preach it, volunteer or give needed funds to do work that is profoundly spiritual.

This honored Kosmonaut with the Black Panther background ended with how she gives out condoms to young people, with flavors:

Young people who visit my home get these as gifts:

I celebrate the winter holiday season with a condom-decorated Christmas tree. For Valentine's Day what better gift could you give a lover?  Chocolate flavored. Wrap them up with a red ribbon.


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