Geraldo Compares Bishops' 'Stick In the Eye' Resistance to Obama With Planners of Ground Zero Mosque

Liberal talk radio hosts are really flustered by the Obama conflict with the Catholic Church. On his WABC show Thursday, Geraldo Rivera somehow compared the Catholic bishops to the people who were building the Ground Zero Mosque, if you can somehow try to define what the Catholic 9/11 was.

"I think it's like, if I may compare it to the mosque that was going to go next to Ground Zero downtown. I urged Muslim leaders that I knew, and I know many Muslims in New York and I have a very good relationship with them. I said, why don't you move it two blocks? Move it, move it east of Broadway, away from Ground Zero." But they wouldn't: "And they insisted on leaving it there. It was just like a stick in the eye, unnecessary provocation – and this is another one of those." Bill Press and Mike Malloy also went on church-bashing benders:

Bill Press thought this "war on Catholics" talk was way, way over the top (and liberal talk radio never exaggerates, ahem):

If you listen to the cries of outrage around the country and you hear it all over the place all over talk radio all over the you know they news you would think that there was this massive attack on religious freedom going on in this country. This massive attack on the Constitution this massive attack on the First Amendment. You would think that President Obama had shutdown Catholic Churches had sent all nuns back to Ireland where they came from and dropped a bomb or sent a drone attack over the Vatican. I mean it’s just this stuff is just so over the top and of course he’s (Obama) done nothing like that.

I think it’s important to recognize what this issue is all about I know you talked a little bit about it yesterday with Peter, but as Mr. Catholic here and Mr. Former Seminarian, I gotta get my two cents in. What it’s all about is is a ruling announced by HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, a great lady on January 20 that simply said that all insurance policies have to protect women’s health and have to all insurance policies even those that are held by that are offered by employers of Catholic Universities and hospitals for example have to provide contraception if a woman asks for it without a co-pay or without any deductable. Now, that is it okay that is what it does. That the insurance plan has to offer that as part of its overall coverage.

It does not, that’s what it does not do, it’s important to recognize this, it does not require Catholic hospitals or clinics to provide birth control of any form diaphragm or condoms or pills or whatever. They don’t have to provide it, no.

Mike Malloy just spewed his usual anti-Catholic venom:

How about this one - a systemic and widespread conspiracy over decades to cover up the rape and molestation of thousands of children? How's that Picarello, you freak? And to the Pope and the Council of Bishops - you hypocritical bastards, every single one of you! You no more represent the teachings of the person you declared to be your savior than you represent the teachings of Genghis Khan. As a matter of fact the comparison there might be closer to the one of your Jesus.

How dare you! how dare you suggest that offering health insurance that covers pregnancy control - it's not birth control, it's pregnancy control! Ya goddamn freaks! How dare you when your whole organization is systematically involved in the cover-up of the rape and molestation of children for how many years, how many decades, you self-righteous punks, every single one of you? You think your Jesus is waiting for you with open arms?


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