Schultz's Surprising Respect For Santorum: 'Impressive'

Is Ed Schultz's expression of respect for Rick Santorum a Machiavellian maneuver designed to sow chaos in the Republican field?  I actually don't think so.  

Watching the MSNBC host in action this evening, I got the sense that Schultz, out on the Iowa campaign trail with Santorum, came away with a sincere respect for the former Pennsylvania senator, calling him "impressive" among other things.  Watch the video after the jump and be the judge.

Check out the video and see if the being back in his native Midwest might not have had a salubrious effect on Schultz.


ED SCHULTZ: The focus tonight on the Ed Show, starting out, is going to be on Rick Santorum. Now you know my political persuasion, but I bring this story tonight, completely objective from Iowa.  On the stump, Rick Santorum is impressive.  He is well-versed, schooled-up, and very strong in his conviction . . . and I'll tell you, there are few on the stump who do a better job of retail politics.     

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