'Happy Feet 2' Makes Matt Damon a Gay Crustacean

Kyle Smith of the New York Post reports that the animated movie Happy Feet 2 can’t stay away from including the notion of “gay marriage” into a movie you might just think was aimed at kids. The little crustaceans voiced by Matt Damon and Brad Pitt bring it up:

"Perplexingly, things take a turn for the gay:  Damon’s krill says he wants to raise kids together, at which point Pitt’s notes that they’re both males, yet Damon thinks this is no big deal and (I’m not making this up) starts suggestively singing a Wham! song, which causes Pitt (not unreasonably) to dump Damon." Smith added: "I’ve got nothing against alternative-lifestyle krill, but what are they doing in my dancing-penguin movie?"

There was also a pro-gay subtext in the first Happy Feet movie (which Smith liked), in which the dancing penguin Mumble was condemned by a ministerial penguin equivalent as violating the natural order of things. It also had a sprawling evil-humans eco-gospel thrown into the overlong mix. Smith suggests that thread continues into the sequel:

The “aliens” (humans) are enemy polluters, then friends, then enemies (the penguins panic when they spot the humans roasting their fellow birds the chickens), then friends again — an alliance sealed when the rockhopper penguin Lovelace (Robin Williams) plays them an air-guitar solo from “We Are the Champions.” The humans respond in kind, and the fraught interplay of man and nature turns into “Bill & Ted’s Wild Kingdom.”

It also brings in a strong political subtext, which Smith delves into on The Post’s movie blog.

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Tim Graham
Tim Graham
Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis