CNN's Toobin: "Very Conservative" Owen, Brown, Luttig; Gonzales "Politically Appealing"

On CNN’s American Morning, legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin was quick to attach the “very conservative” label to possible Supreme Court nominees Priscilla Owen, Janice Rogers Brown and Michael Luttig. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, however, Toobin deems to be “a lot more politically appealing.”

At 9:55 am, Toobin did not merely state that Owen was a conservative judge on the Texas state supreme court.

Miles O’Brien: “First of all, Priscilla Owen. Tell me about her.”

Jeffrey Toobin: “Priscilla Owen was recently confirmed to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. She formerly served on the Texas Supreme Court with Alberto Gonzales. A very conservative, frequently dissenting, because a conservative court was not conservative enough for her.”

Even more conservative than Owen, according to Toobin, is Janice Rogers Brown.

Toobin: “Janice Rogers Brown, a young-ish, African-American woman, was the other person confirmed as part of the deal on filibusters. She came--comes from the California Supreme Court. If anything, even more conservative than Priscilla Owen. Very outspoken in a series of speeches.”

Toobin: “Michael Luttig, was--has been a federal appeals court judge for more than a decade now with-- appointed by the first President Bush, I believe. He was a Justice Department official who shepherded Clarence Thomas’ nomination through the, through the, through his tumultuous process. He was, now I have to admit some confusion here. He was either the best man at John Roberts’ wedding or John Roberts was the best man at his wedding. But suffice it to say, they’re close friends. Again, very conservative…”

Toobin does suggest one nominee “who is someone who has some moderation in his history.” Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is, according to Toobin, “a lot more politically appealing candidate.” Appealing to whom? Certainly not to the thirty-six Democrats who voted against Gonzales’ confirmation as Attorney General.

Toobin: “The fourth name on the list is Alberto Gonzales, who would, of course, be the first Hispanic justice, but he is someone who has some moderation in his history…And, and I think Alberto Gonzales is a lot more politically appealing candidate.”