CBS and NBC Note Sex Scandal of Democratic Congressman David Wu

 On Sunday, the CBS Evening News and NBC’s Meet the Press both briefly noted an unfolding sex scandal involving Oregon Democratic Representative David Wu, who is being accused of making unwanted sexual advances toward the teenage daughter of a political donor.

CBS substitute anchor Norah O’Donnell directly labeled Wu as a Democrat, While NBC’s David Gregory indirectly hinted at Wu’s Democratic ties by noting that the Congressman had met with "leader of the Democrats, Pelosi."

Both broadcasts noted the scandal toward the end of the program.

Below are the transcripts of portions of the CBS Evening News and NBC’s Meet the Press where the Wu story were covered:

#From Meet the Press on NBC:

DAVID GREGORY: And to the "Trend Tracker," the top political stories this morning, and you might imagine what we're talking about, the debt talks, number one, on the, going on this weekend.

Also on the list, Representative Wu from Oregon. He's been accused of some unwelcome sexual advances toward a teenage girl. He met with Speaker, excuse me, leader of the Democrats, Pelosi, over the weekend. This was said to be a daughter of a donor, a high school friend of Wu's. He is saying it was consensual. Still, a lot of questions about this. He's coming back to Washington to figure out some of his options.

#From the CBS Evening News :

NORAH O’DONNELL: Back home, seven-term Democratic Congressman David Wu of Oregon faced growing pressure tonight to resign or at least address a young woman’s reported accusation that she had a, quote, "unwanted sexual encounter," with him last year. We discussed the allegation by phone with House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi this weekend but neither would comment.

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