Surprise, Surprise: CNN Belief Blog Offers Lazy, Hasty Rebuke of Biblical Condemnation of Gay Marriage

CNN's Belief Blog contributor Jonathan Dudley offered the same tired liberal arguments against a Biblical defense of traditional marriage in a June 21 piece. The same writer who satirically argued that heterosexuals should not be allowed to raise children grilled the Biblical argument as being "riddled with self-serving double-standards."

"I also don't doubt that those who advocate gay marriage are advocating a revision of the Christian tradition," Dudley boldly asserted.

Why is the Biblical position on gay marriage fallacious? Dudley's first argument is that St. Paul condemns homosexual relations as "unnatural," but later preaches that long hair is naturally degrading for men, but is women's glory. Hence, he condemns both long hair and homosexuality as "unnormal," but today's Christian church would only condemn homosexuality – therefore today's Evangelical Christians are hypocritical.

Do you follow his logic here? The rest of the post follows in a similar pattern. Dudley finds Bible verses or random teachings by Church Fathers to buttress his position, which is that beliefs and practices that were condemned or allowed in the early Christian church are not so today, and so today's Christians are not pro-tradition though they might like to think so.

And apparently abortion was a part of the Christian tradition for 1900 years – contrary to popular opinion. Dudley used two isolated philosophical positions by Church Fathers (St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas) as "proof" that the early and medieval Christian church widely did not believe that life begins at conception.

Yes, Dudley uses two opinions that the human soul might not be present at the moment of conception to deduce that today's pro-life Christians are at odds with Christian "tradition" on the matter of abortion.   

Such battering of today's Christians and shallow interpretation of Biblical teaching is nothing new on CNN's Belief Blog, however. CNN's Don Lemon, who declared last month that he is gay, confessed in a May 22 post how he "learned to stop 'praying away the gay'." Back in February, Jennifer Knust wrote on the Bible's "mixed messages on sexuality."

To read Dudley's entire piece, click here.


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