Chris Matthews in New Interview: 'Nothing Excites Me More Than...'

Hey, I couldn't give it away in the headline, could I? And no, it's not steamy dreams of Obama in the night.

In a new "Media Diet" interview at the Atlantic's website, Matthews explains how he sees himself as a conservative of sorts and how he revels in exposing "Grand Canyon[s] of ignorance" on his "Hardball" program (emphasis mine):

I enjoy the competition of ideas. I think in that sense I'm a conservative because I want to save what we have in this country and be tough on political figures. On my show, there's nothing like a good argument. Nothing excites me more than conducting an on-air interview and detecting a Grand Canyon of ignorance in someone—pulling back the veil and showing the man or woman behind the curtain. Most of my programming is spontaneous. I think that instantaneous communication has a great advantage. It's our responsibility to have everything I say be factual. Is this true? Can we prove this? You have to have it right. Occasionally, you make a mistake and you correct it. But you have to be predictably factual. That should be the rule with all media, new or old. Not a good batting average but predictable reliability.

Chris is one to talk about Grand Canyons of ignorance when he says GOP presidential nominees "[look] like the devil," seems to not understand the British were coming for colonists' guns at Lexington and Concord, and smells a GOP 'revenge' motive in the John Edwards prosecution.

That's not to mention him buying hook, line, and sinker the Democratic talking points that the Ryan budget "kills" Medicare, which are patently false. So much for a commitment to being factual.

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