Weiner: 'I Wish' The Pic Was Me

How desperate is Anthony Weiner to deflect the potential scandal?  So much so that he's willing to make jokes at the expense of his own manhood.

On MSNBC this evening, Weiner told Rachel Maddow "I wish" the infamous picture in question was of himself.

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Maddow was certainly deferential to her liberal buddy. But in addition to asking if the picture was of Weiner, she also got around to asking how Weiner would assure his supporters "that they shouldn't think you're a creep?'

As you'll see, Weiner gives a non-answer answer.  Watch Weiner whittle himself down to size.

RACHEL MADDOW: Because you haven't answered a question about whether the photo is you or not, you realize that everybody thinks the photo is you.  And so where there's smoke there's fire, there must be a real scandal here, you must have been doing something creepy here. Let me ask you whether or not you want to answer that question and then let me ask you what the answer to it is.

ANTHONY WEINER: Whether the photograph is me? Well, am I allowed to say 'I wish'?