Daily Kos Week in Review

Welcome to a new NB feature, in which we'll highlight politically and rhetorically extreme posts of the past week from America's pre-eminent lefty blog, Daily Kos.

This week, Kossacks were most riled up about the now-temporarily-averted federal government shutdown, Paul Ryan's budget proposal, and the Wisconsin Supreme Court election. Each quotation is preceded by the blogger's name (or, more typically, pseudonym).

1. The shutdown: Blame insane, woman-hating tea-partiers


 ....[T]he TEA Party could best be described as a group of insane anarchists.  Shutting down the FHA in the middle of a housing crisis is not a sane act.  Sending government workers home with unemployment at 8.8% is not a sane act...

 Joan McCarter:

 ...The teahadist-controlled Republican House is ready to shut the government down over women's access to healthcare...[I]f you get cervical cancer because you haven't had screening, it's your own damned fault for having a sex life...  

Bill in Portland Maine: 

...That's what this is about, this "Friday Night Tea Party Massacre of America."  A biblical infatuation with women's uteruses is shutting down the government of the most powerful nation within a hundred solar systems.  Rape and incest victims aren’t pumping out babies fast enough, you see, so no national parks for you.  Families on spring break in the nation's capital to visit its landmarks and museums?  Fuck you, we're closed---blame Gloria Steinem...

But, of course, once the tea party f---s you, you must have their baby, as grotesque and sickly and stupid and evil as it will be...[emphasis added]


2. Ryan's budget: Stealing from the poor, giving to the rich

Giles Goat Boy: 

..Remember those words: “This is not a budget, this is a cause….”

 Not yet, but if it would ever get passed, it would be a cause. It would be a cause of unemployment. It would be a cause of disease and premature deaths. It would be a cause of misery, poverty, crime, and class warfare. 

Joan McCarter:

 ...[T]he so-called "Path to Prosperity"...[is] Rep. Paul Ryan's plan to weed the nation of the elderly, the sick, and the disabled so the rich people can get even more stuff...

Bill in Portland Maine:

The Republicans unveiled their 2012 budget yesterday.  The cocktail-napkin formula: destruction of social safety net + extraction of America's soul + screw the least among us + bestow gold and jewels on the richest among us – regulation x barely-concealed sadism = a rainbow in every back yard and a unicorn in every garage...

Joan McCarter:

...[T]here really isn't any Republican plan for healthcare reform. The only solution they have is to take it away from more people...


 ...In many ways, the current skirmish over funding the Government for the next six months and the larger coming battle over Paul Ryan's Path to a Galtian Utopia has very strong echoes of the build up to the Civil War. The names of the Parties have flipped, but the battle lines are similar. One side is unwilling to compromise and welcomes chaos with giddy excitement. The other is willing to embrace painful compromise to preserve the Union...

Just as their antecedents did a century and a half ago, the modern Republican Confederate Party continues to insist on no compromises in pursuit of their reality-free and ever-changing demands and that the majority of America capitulate to their Galtian fantasies. And once again those dedicated to preserving Union, keep trying to work with these extremists to prevent harm to our Nation. But at some point bullies and assholes must be confronted--especially when they go too far. 150 years ago a breaking point was reached. It could happen again...


3. Wisconsin Supreme Court race: voters reject Walker's sociopathic fascism (or did they?)


...Hubris. It gets Republicans every time.  

Citizens woke up and smelled the fascism...

Blue Aardvark:

...[News item:] This in turn leaves about 479,000 Kloppenburg voters, and 593,000 Prosser voters, in the rest of the state [outside Dane and Milwaukee counties].

Those 479k people clearly don't matter to Scott Walker. They aren't Real. Not like he is Real. And you know what sort of people think like that? Sociopaths.

Although I understand those in the profession don't use "sociopath" any longer as a descriptive term.

That may be because "Republican" is easier for lay people to remember...

Tom Johnson
Tom Johnson
Tom Johnson is a contributing writer for NewsBusters