Media Blackout Continues for Dem. Dirty Tricks

Investors Business Daily reports that the media have refused to report on the misbehavior of two of Sen. Chuck Schumer's staff members. Although Schumer is a "leading critic of identity theft," two on his staff "fraudulently obtained the credit report of a rising black political star."

While the media focus on the supposed racist statements of Bill Bennett and the indictment of Tom DeLay, they have ignored "a real crime against a black politician [that] has been committed in virtual silence."

The victim was Michael Steele, the current lieutenant governor of Maryland. Democrats targeted him because "nothing frightens the DSCC [Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee] more than an articulate and charismatic black American who also happens to be a Reagan conservative. "

What if it were Barack Obama?

"Can you imagine the media firestorm if staffers for, say, Frist, had used Barack Obama's Social Security number to fraudulently obtain his credit report looking for stuff to derail his Senate campaign? Frist would have been before a media firing squad faster than you can say Bill Bennett."

What's more, the same organization responsible for feeding the media the line about Bill Bennett, Media Matters, had employed one of Schumer's dirty tricksters as a "research director." In addition to working for Media Matters, Katie Barge "led the opposition research team for failed Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards."

Perhaps we'll have to wait until Media Matters tells the MSM that it's okay to report on this.

The media have blacked out the story despite the fact that the two staffers "confessed to the act in July, were suspended with pay until Aug. 31 and finally resigned in mid-September."

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