AP: “Streisand Brings Anti-War Sentiment to Music”

The Associated Press published an article today about Barbra Streisand and Barry Gibb’s new album, with much focus given to one song that contains an anti-war theme, as well as Streisand’s political leanings:

“Barbra Streisand and Barry Gibb hadn't worked together in 25 years. But Gibb still knew the best way to express what Streisand was thinking -- especially when it came to the war in Iraq.”

“‘I loved the first stanza, because to me this war is kind of senseless, and I don't know why we're there,’ Streisand told The Associated Press.”

“While the album contains romantic duets and ballads tailor-made for the legend's soaring voice, ‘Stranger In a Strange Land’ may be the most compelling track simply because of its subject matter. Though it never mentions Iraq, its message is clear from the opening verse: ‘You may be someone else's sweetheart, fighting someone else's war, and if you suffer for the millions, then it's what you're fighting for.’"

The article then depicts Streisand's political leanings, as well as her opinion of the president:

“Of course, Streisand, a liberal Democrat, has never been one to shy away from politics. She regularly updates her Web site with scathing missives against the Bush administration and articles that underscore her views.”

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