ObamaCare Waivers Top 1000 - Media Mum

The number of temporary ObamaCare waivers rose to over 1,000 on Friday, but America's media couldn't care less.

Bucking the boycott was The Hill Sunday:

The number of temporary healthcare reform waivers granted by the Obama administration to organizations climbed to more than 1,000, according to new numbers disclosed by the Department of Health and Human Services.

HHS posted 126 new waivers on Friday, bringing the total to 1,040 organizations that have been granted a one-year exemption from a new coverage requirement included in the healthcare reform law enacted almost a year ago. Waivers have become a hot-button issue for Republicans, eager to expose any vulnerabilities in the reform law.

Maybe it's a hot-button issue for Republicans, but America's so-called press were clearly nonplussed. Although this Hill report came out at 3:38 PM Sunday, LexisNexis and Google news searches identified very little coverage:

  • No wire services
  • No major newspapers other than Investor's Business Daily
  • No reports by the three broadcast networks
  • Nothing on CNN, MSNBC, NPR or PBS

From what I can tell, apart from conservative publications, the only major print outlet that reported this news was Investor's Business Daily in a Tuesday editorial.

Not surprisingly, Fox News's "Special Report" covered the story Monday as did FBN's "The Willis Report."

On the internet, apart from conservative websites, FoxNews.com, National Journal, and CBS's Political Hotsheet reported the news Monday, which makes you wonder why CBS didn't cover the revelation more broadly on television.

And that, as they say, is that.

I guess healthcare reform waivers surpassing the 1,000 mark isn't important to the Obama-loving press.

Color me very unsurprised.

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