Open Thread: Libya

Yesterday was a frantic, occasionally bizarre day in Libya, a week after massive protests - inspired by recent events in Egypt - engulfed the country in turmoil. There were rumors early in the day Monday that Muammar Gaddafi, the country's embattled president, had fled the nation for Venezuela. An influential Muslim cleric had issued a "fatwa" on Gaddafi, calling on all Muslims to shoot him on sight.

'Whoever in the Libyan army is able to shoot a bullet at Mr Gaddafi should do so,' Qaradawi, an Egyptian-born cleric who is usually based in Qatar, told Al-Jazeera television.

He also told Libyan soldiers 'not to obey orders to strike at your own people,' and urged Libyan ambassadors around the world to dissociate themselves from Gaddafi's regime.

But Gadaffi actually appeared on state television with a strange outfit and white umbrella to deny that he had left the country. Here's video of his brief - and bizarre - appearance:

Meanwhile the death toll in Libya is estimated to be around 300 so far, according to Al Jazeera. What are your thoughts on the uprising or yesterday's bizarre events?

Open Thread