Here It Comes: In Shooting's Wake, Media Gear Up to Slime Conservatives

The recent shootings in Tucson, Arizona were absolutely horrible. Because of the actions of one demented misfit, there is terrible suffering, society has been deprived of productive citizens and families will never be the same.

Jared Loughner was a volatile powder keg that was bound to explode, but the sad fact of the matter is that although there were many people who viewed him as dangerous, nobody could do anything about it.

The bare facts alone are tragic and sordid enough but I noticed that something is creeping into the reporting of the incident. Some of the more left-leaning media would like us to believe that this demented young man went on his murderous spree because he belonged to some fringe far-right organization or had sympathies toward the Tea Party’s political agenda.

Actually he was described by one of his classmates as quite liberal and a political radical, another said she sat close to the door of the classroom because she felt that he was the kind of person who could walk into the classroom one day with a gun and start blasting.

He was described by others as reclusive, into drugs and obsessed with the 2012 doomsday prophecy. To give you a little insight into his disturbed mind, he lists Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” and “The Communist Manifesto” among his favorite books on his YouTube page.

Most of this is second hand information, and I know nothing about the extremist group he is suspected of belonging to, don’t even know the name of it, or what their philosophical or political beliefs are but I do know at least a little about the Tea Party.

First of all, the left wing politicos and the mass media in this country are scared to death of them, and slam them every chance they get, whether the information they’re using is erroneous or not.

Secondly, the Tea Party is made up of everyday American citizens who have one thing in common, they are fed up with the status quo, the worthless politicians in both parties who make empty promises, don’t even read the bills they force on us and sell out the security and future of America by not lifting the ban on drilling and opening up every energy source in this nation to stop our dependence on nations that hate our guts.

This is just common sense, something that is in short supply in the District of Columbia.

If the Tea Party has radicals in their ranks, they haven’t shown their faces as yet and one thing I will hang my hat on is that this demented young man is as far away from a typical Tea Party member as Alaska is from Tasmania.

It’s strange that the media is so careful to remind us that Islam is not to blame for the atrocities that are carried out in Allah’s name, (Remember how stringently we were warned not to jump to conclusions regarding Maj. Nidal Hasan’s motivations for the killings at Ft. Hood?) and before the attempted Time’s Square bomber was identified as Faisal Shahzad, New York mayor, Michael Bloomberg, suggested that it might have been the work of someone who was unhappy that Obamacare had been passed by Congress.

The media is also there to remind us not to condemn the homosexual community for some of the most vengeful and macabre murders on record committed by the violent among them, and they are very careful not to criticize the millions of illegal aliens in this country when they report the crimes committed by some of their number.

So, why the obsession with the Tea Party?

I think I can tell you why, because it’s a real movement, started by real people who are seeking real answers.

It is one of the few genuine things that is, "by the people and for the people" that has happened in this country for a long time.

What the media and the others fear is that they may well shine some light in the dark places that have been the private preserve of the elite in crowd for so long and expose the lies and corruption that have plagued the politics of this nation for so long and that the national media has ignored except for, protecting those they favor and condemning those they don’t.

It is desperate move to try to tie the actions of a mentally unbalanced psycho to a group of decent American citizens who just happen to be of a different political persuasion.

And it ain’t gonna work.

Gabrielle Giffords