Media Mash: Bozell and Hannity Take On Slanted Media Coverage of GOP Congress, ObamaCare Repeal Vote

Appearing on FNC's Hannity on Thursday, NewsBusters publisher and Media Research Center President Brent Bozell slammed left-wing media coverage of the incoming Republican Congress, from ABC's Good Morning America bashing John Boehner while praising Nancy Pelosi, to all three networks dismissing a scheduled vote to repeal ObamaCare as simply "a fool's errand."

In 2007, Good Morning America called then incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi "galvanized steel with a smile," but blasted John Boehner as "harshly partisan" and "the weeper of the House" in 2011. Bozell wondered why the program never questioned the "dishonest smile" of Pelosi since it seemed to concerned with analyzing Boehner's emotions.

Following a series of clips of NBC, ABC, and CBS all labeling a vote by House Republicans to repeal ObamaCare a waste of time, Bozell observed that the November election was "all about the American people repudiating this unconstitutional power grab." He added that the media coverage was "the beginning of the spin control." [Audio available here]

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