Joe Scarborough Puffed by GQ as the Sultan of Civility, As He Claims No One's More Conservative Than He Is

Mediaite’s Steve Krakauer reports that MSNBC's Joe Scarborough is the subject of a “lengthy, glowing profile in this month's GQ.” The magazine boasted: "If everyone on television were like MSNBC's Joe Scarborough, television would be a much more civilized place."

GQ writer Lisa de Paulo was laying on the Kiwi shoe polish thick as she set out “To really understand Joe Scarborough, to understand why he's the conservative liberals suddenly think is swell, to understand why Morning Joe has become the best and most buzzed-about political show on television." As usual, Scarborough ridiculously claims no one is more conservative than he is:

I'm the most conservative guy at a liberal TV network. And believe it or not, they considered me to be a liberal guy on my radio network [ABC]. Where Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity work. They actually told me, `We never had a liberal working for us before. It'll be interesting selling advertising.' And I sat there thinking, `I want to shut down the Department of Education and send all the money back home to the states. Who's more conservative than me?'

Krakauer also promised we'll learn the "Morning Schmo" (as Mark Levin calls him) is turned on by Hillary Clinton when she plays diplomat:

There's also an interesting section about Hillary Clinton, who Scarborough's staff says he has a crush on. "If I do have a crush on her, that means I'm turned on by competence," he said.

GQ isn't really paying attention if they think Scarborough is a calm voice of civility when earlier this week, he denounced Newt Gingrich for hours as a "political pyromaniac" over the Ground Zero mosque fight. He was coming unglued. He sounded like he was hitting the boss, Steve Capus, on speed-dial during the commercial breaks: "How'd you like that! Another breakthrough in civility!"

A puff piece in GQ is only the latest piece of evidence that Joe Scarborough is seeking to please the liberal media elite. GQ hailed Bill Clinton as their Man of the Year in 2007 with garish phrases from writer George Saunders, standing beside Bill the Great in the Dominican Republic: "If not for the William J. Clinton Foundation, every one of these kids would be dead or dying soon, since every one of them is HIV-positive."

Saunders pushed Clinton comparisons to Gandhi, Mandela, and Martin Luther King, as well as Frank Sinatra, Willie Mays, and Michael Jordan. Clinton's heart was immense, his talents prodigious. He was so brilliant he makes the writer feel like an idiot: "Because when Bill Clinton’s at your table, you don’t really want anyone else talking, and that includes you. When you do talk, you feel stupid. I mean, you are stupid."

We'll agree. When GQ gets into gush mode, they do sound stupid. 

Tim Graham
Tim Graham
Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis