Disappointing, But Not Unexpected: HuffPo 'Comedy' Celebrates 'Tea Party Jesus'

It's a curious phenomenon to see what the minds at The Huffington Post deem funny, and at least this one wasn't filed under the category "HuffPo Religion," but a series of images depicting Jesus Christ making unhinged statements wins the HuffPo's "Comedy" classification.

In a June 30 post, Katla McGlynn wrote that mocking Tea Party protestors by "juxtaposing" "hateful, ignorant, or otherwise nonsensical rants" but at the same time mocking a religious figure many hold very is sacred isn't only funny but it is also instructive about what she described as "people who claim to be Christians."

"The concept behind the site Tea Party Jesus is simple: Put the words of conservative Christian social and political figures in the mouth of Christ," McGlynn wrote. "The juxtaposition of hateful, ignorant, or otherwise nonsensical rants with serene photos of JC himself isn't only funny, but says a lot about the people who claim to be Christians."

According to the Huffington Post story, the creator of Tea Party Jesus impose actual quotes from various conservative figures on someone who according to Scripture led the perfect life, but it is done in a comic book form - which somehow makes this funny.

Some of quotes used by the creator were originally meant to be tongue-in-cheek, but somehow it's hard to imagine one could catch that context when it is used in such a way. Nonetheless, McGlynn included remarks about Guantanamo Bay, the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, the earthquake in Haiti and same-sex marriage - all from individuals deemed to be "tea partiers."

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