NYT's Herbert: Big Companies Don't Care About People

It certainly comes as no surprise that liberal media members hate big business, but the level to which New York Times columnist Bob Herbert attacked some of the nation's largest employers on Saturday should concern everyone interested in preserving what's left of the free market.

"[T]he biggest, most powerful companies do not have the best interests of the American people in mind when they are closing in on the kinds of profits that ancient kingdoms could only envy," wrote Herbert.

"Haven't we just seen how the giant financial firms almost destroyed the American economy?" he then asked.

Sadly, the Times columnist was just getting warmed up:

Wasn't it just a few weeks before this hideous Deepwater Horizon disaster that a devastating mine explosion in West Virginia - at a mine run by a company with its own hideous safety record - killed 29 coal miners and ripped the heart out of yet another hard-working local community?

The idea of relying on the assurances of these corporate predators that they are looking out for the safety of their workers and the health of surrounding communities and the environment is beyond absurd. [...]

The oil companies and other giant corporations have a stranglehold on American policies and behavior, and are choking off the prospects of a viable social and economic future for working people and their families.

Really? Is that what the millions of people that work for oil companies and other giant corporations think? How viable would their social and economic futures be if their employers were forced to cut payrolls as a result of excessive government regulation?

One of the marvelous aspects of liberalism, especially from media elites like Herbert, is how it allows you to arrogantly cut your nose off in public without the slightest understanding that you're doing it to spite your own face.

Folks like Herbert will carp and whine about the high unemployment rate while they criticize corporate America for operating without sufficient restraint.

In their distorted economic view, companies will actually hire MORE people if the federal government has greater control over their day to day operations. 

Of course, the real goal is to eliminate big corporations entirely so that everyone EXCEPT THEMSELVES will eventually work for the government.

Unfortunately, the other thing they don't understand is that without private employers and private employees, there wouldn't be any tax revenues to pay those working in the public sector.

Try explaining THAT inconvenient truth to a liberal without losing your mind.

I dare you. 

Noel Sheppard
Noel Sheppard
Noel Sheppard, Associate Editor of NewsBusters, passed away in March of 2014.