Liberal Radio Shows Trash Stupid 'Little Regent University Girls' and the 'Gospel of Glenn, Rush, Sean, and Bill'

Religion has been a mysteriously hot topic with several liberal radio hosts this week.On Tuesday's Stephanie Miller show, she talked to liberal Rev. Jim Wallis of Sojourners magazine, and Miller said Wallis was doing something important “about reclaiming God from people who are just filled with hate! How do we do that?” Wallis replied: “We have to replace the gospel of Glenn, Rush, Sean, and Bill with the gospel of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John." Having suggested conservative talkers were the antithesis of the Bible, he then said civility requires that you can't challenge people's faith because they disagree with you politically. 

On her Wednesday program, Randi Rhodes insisted that incompetence was required by the Bush administration, so they hired stupid "little Regent University girls." As she whacked away at FEMA head Michael Brown and CIA director Porter Goss, who  “didn’t know what he was doing, and that was Bush and Cheney’s preferred type of candidate”, she added:

Then when we went to look at the Justice Department. There were too many people with qualifications at the Justice Department for Bush and Cheney, who were going to pull the biggest bank heist in the history of the universe. And lie to the American people and do all kinds of wiretapping and all sorts of things that wouldn't pass constitutional muster in any decade of our history. This was all brand new. So what did they do?

They went and looked at these little Regent University girls -- these little, stupid idiots -- you know, the people that go to these colleges that were invented in whole cloth by these evangelists so that they could program these religious zealots, and give them law degrees so that they could then migrate into our government!

Riffing on the story of U.S. Attorney-firings-scandal figure Monica Goodling, who attended the Pat Robertson-founded university, she claimed: "And that’s when we had the whole purging-the-prosecutors scandal! That was horrendous!”

No one asked where Ms. Rhodes can mock the intelligence of law school graduates when her only post-secondary education is two years in the Air Force.

There's more detail from the Stephanie Miller show. After his gospel-of-conservative-talkers insult, Wallis added:

There’s something wrong with our politics when, I was thinking about this yesterday, when it’s ideological, partisan, and angry, and I’d like to replace that with convictional – I mean, you and I both have strong convictions – so convictional instead of ideological. A little more independent instead of so utterly partisan, and how ‘bout civil? As opposed to so angry?

Because we’ve got some real issues we have to discuss, and we need a robust debate. That’s why I like shows like yours, a robust conversation. But, my goodness, you can’t challenge people’s character, or integrity, or patriotism, or faith because they disagree with you on a policy option.

Does Wallis ever listen to the Miller show if he doesn't want nasty partisan talk?

Then, minutes later, he was questioning his opponents’ faith again: “I’m pondering a blog for this week which will say ‘Is Libertarianism Christian?’” Miller suggested Rand Paul “said the president was being un-American to criticize BP.” Wallis replied: “I’d say that’s un-Christian, that point of view.” He said to believe in a sinful government and a “sinless market” is not a “Biblical point of view.” He set up straw men that libertarians aren’t worried about oil spills or the importation of “toxic toys.”

He also said he wanted a civil conversation about “social justice” with Glenn Beck, but Beck is “cowardly.” He signed off the segment by telling Miller, “God bless your great team there.” 

Somehow, in Wallis's condemnation of our politics/religion being too partisan, he left out any discussion of Miller's recent proclamation that the oil spill proved "God is a Democrat."  

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Tim Graham
Tim Graham
Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis