WaPo's Ezra Klein Kisses Up to Keith, Agrees Limbaugh Is a 'Loathsome Racist'

Ezra Klein is the utility infielder of the Washington Post, popping up all over the paper offering his liberal opinions. Today, it's a viewer's guide to the health care summit. He's also a regular Olbermann and Maddow guest, as you can tell from this Keith-copying kissup Twitter belch:

Rush Limbaugh is really a loathsome racist.

Klein linked to Hendrik Hertzberg of The New Yorker attacking Limbaugh, but what's most amusing is how Hertzberg thinks Joe Biden's "clean and articulate" comments are awkward but fine -- until Rush utters them:

The reader will have already noticed the racist coding of Limbaugh’s description of Obama as “clean” and “articulate.” Yes, I know—Joe Biden used the same words about Obama during the campaign. But you’d have to be pretty obtuse not to notice the difference in intent, the difference between awkwardness and haplessness on the one hand, malice and contempt on the other. 
Hertzberg finds it "a continuing scandal that this vicious demagogue is kowtowed to by Republican politicians and enabled by nominally respectable media corporations and advertisers." He doesn't seem to feel the same way about the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons and their Democrat enablers and corporate sponsors.
(Hat tip: Dan Gainor)
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