Open Thread

For general discussion and debate. Possible talking point: tonight's health care summit. No one really knows how those involved will emerge, if the legislation will survive, or if it will be any different. Two commentators offer competing views:

Chris Stirewalt: "The goal of today's health care summit is to make Republicans culpable for the failure of health care reform to this point - to cast the president as the reasonable man fighting an unreasonable foe."

Dan Riehl: "Come fall, Republicans will paint Democrats as arrogant and out of touch. For a year, they've been far more interested in appeasing their own special interest groups and pet projects, while forcing through a bill that America doesn't even want. They could have focused on what most all Americans wanted during one of our worst economic years in memory. They didn't and now it's too late to make much of a difference."

Who (or which party) is more likely to shoulder the blame? Also, make sure to register your thoughts at NB's poll on the topic.

NB Staff
NB Staff