MSNBC's Schultz Attacks Bozell in Lame Effort to Justify Obama's War on Fox

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz lamely went after Media Research Center President (and NewsBusters publisher) Brent Bozell on his Tuesday night program, trying to mock Bozell’s statement that the Obama White House’s crusade against Fox News was baseless. “You can’t point a finger to anything that Fox News had done incorrectly,” Bozell had said Monday on Lou Dobbs’ radio show.

Ha, ha, ha, Schultz stage-laughed into MSNBC’s cameras. He then ran six clips of pundits and opinion hosts on Fox saying various things about Barack Obama, most of which could be categorized as personal opinion (such as a clip from Bill Sammon referring to “Obama’s agenda towards socialism”). Here we go again. As is so typical with these attacks on Fox News, Schultz was unable to come up with a single instance of a Fox News correspondent or news anchor saying anything incorrect — certainly nothing that would justify the Executive Branch going to war against the network — thus proving Bozell’s point for him.

Even Schultz’s NBC/MSNBC colleagues have stood up against the Obama White House's effort to block Fox News reporters from participating in a pool event last week, which shows how far out Schultz has to be if he’s still defending Obama's efforts at media intimidation.

Here's the transcript of Schultz's rant from last night (video below the jump):

ED SCHULTZ: Tonight in "Psycho Talk," Halloween week continues with "Bozo the Clown," Brent Bozell. I tell you, this guy is a piece of work. Now, this all-American nobody NewsBusted his way onto the low-rated Lou Dobbs radio show — nice booking, Lou.

Bozell was defending Fox News against the White House, and ol' Loco Lou let him get away with this one:

BRENT BOZELL (audio): You can't point a finger to anything that Fox News has done incorrectly.

SCHULTZ, laughing: Now, that's coming from a guy who is President of the Media Research Center. Uh, what the heck is that, anyway? But, Brent, since research obviously really isn't your thing, let me help you out with some fingerpointing:

CLIP of STEVE DOOCY ("Fox and Friends" co-host video clip): Barack Obama was raised a Muslim [Sound of buzzer going off and a big X appears on Doocy's face]

GRETCHEN CARLSON ("Fox and Friends" co-host video clip): Apparently, when he was a young boy, he attended a Muslim school, a madrassa. [Sound of buzzer going off and a big X appears on Carlson's face]

BILL SAMMON (Fox Washington bureau chief, video clip from "O'Reilly Factor"): Barack Obama's agenda towards socialism. [Sound of buzzer going off and a big X appears on Sammonn's face]

GLENN BECK (video clip): We're starting to look at fascism. [Sound of buzzer going off and a big X appears on Beck's face]

UNIDENTIFIED PUNDIT: Closer to communism [Sound of buzzer and big X]

BECK (video clip): This President has exposed himself as a guy over and over and over again as someone who has a deap-seated hatred for white people. [Sound of buzzer repeatedly going off and three big Xs appear on Beck's face]

SCHULTZ: Okay, Brentster, that's just the tip of the iceberg. We don't have all night, you know. People like Brent who live on political donations and think tank money will say just about anything. Bozell saying that you can't find any mistakes in Fox News, that they haven't done anything incorrectly, is simply -- you got it -- Psycho Talk.

For those keeping score, Glenn Beck is an opinion host, Steve Doocy and Gretchen Carlson are as well, Bill Sammon was appearing on "The O'Reilly Factor" to offer analysis and opinion.

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