Fox Watchdogs 'News Hounds' Have Trouble With Facts

For all you NBers looking for some uplifting morning comedy, head on over to Johnny Dollar's Place. He set some time aside yesterday to completely dismantle the rhetorical theater going on at News Hounds - a Fox News watchdog organization you've probably never heard of.

First came the Fox News Haters Week in Review at JD's Place. Then an incensed and factually-challenged response from News Hounds. Then followed a complete dissection and dismissal of the Fox haters' critiques and accusations. Dollar gives their truthfulness a 3.1 out of 10. Finally, the Hounds objected to some small point in the last paragraph of JD's retort (see update at link above), leading readers to believe that the rest was indisputable.

It's always fun to see the meta-watchdogs go at it. Keep up the great work, Johnny.

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