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For general discussion and debate. Possible talking point: DoD's Fort Hood report makes some, er, strange omissions.

Frustrated by the Department of Defense's description of the Fort Hood rampage as an "incident" by an "alleged perpetrator," several members of the House Armed Services Committee wondered if political correctness is besting common sense as the US tries to understand the nature and strategy of its enemies...

"The American people recognize that the 9/11 Commission was correct when it said we have an enemy and it's Islamist extremists - their words - and the concern is that we may not be paying attention to the fact that the alleged perpetrator was in fact an Islamist extremist," said Rep. John Kline (R) of Minnesota. "There's frustration that we seem to be overlooking the 800 pound gorilla and that this is something more than just a random act of violence with an alleged perpetrator, and that it's certainly more than just an incident."

But wait, wasn't political correctness an underlying cause of the attack in the first place?

NB Staff
NB Staff