Olbermann's Sick Obsession

What's up with Keith Olbermann's strange obsession with STDs?  A few months ago, the Countdown host invoked "syphilis" in slurring Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.  Olbermann had venereal disease on the noggin again tonight . . .

Trying to trash Tucker Carlson for accepting sponsorship for his new Daily Caller website, Olbermann suggested that, for money, Carlson might consider endorsing "gonorrhea."

Olbermann indulged his odd obsession in the course of naming his quondam MSNBC colleague tonight's "Worser" person in the world.

KEITH OLBERMANN: Tucker Carlson, who's opened up a new website--nah, it's not really his. It's funded, according to the Washington Post, to the tune of $3 million, by a man named Foster Friess, or [tries different pronounciation] Friess?  Who turns out to be a climate-change denier [Ed.: and winner of the Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Award and the Albert Schweitzer Leadership Award].  And the lead columnist is not Tucker, it's a guy named Matt Labash, whose first piece compared traffic video cameras to rape and had a joke about Rachel that sounds like it came out of the year 1957.  Climate-change denial, rape jokes, gay-bashing.  Anything else you'd like to slap your name on for money, Tuck?  Gonorrhea is still available.

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