To Kos, Taliban's Real Crime Is Being Un-PC

Want to understand the liberal mind?  Check out Daily Kos creator Markos Moulitsas on this evening's Schultz show . .

Why does Kos say he hates the Taliban?  Because they aided and abetted Osama Bin Laden in the murder of thousands of Americans?  Nope.  That they are actively engaged in killing American troops in Afghanistan? Guess again.  No, the Taliban's real crime—the only complaint Kos mentions— is that . . . they're not PC.  Not feminist. Not gay-friendly. Hell, they might even be opposed to stem cell research.

Oh, and for good measure, Kos calls conservative Republicans like Michelle Bachmann "the American Taliban."  What was that about dissent being patriotic?

The topic was Pres. Obama's anticipated announcement that he will order additonal troops into Afghanistan.

ED SCHULTZ: The base really can't believe that the President is going to commit this many troops at this expense. Does this somewhat blindside the base and how do they feel about it?

MARKOS MOULITSAS: I don't think there's any blindsided to it.  I mean, this is a very difficult issue. Let me make clear from the start: I hate the Afghanistan Taliban. Because they're anti-woman, they're anti-gay, they're anti-progress, science. It's the exact same reason I really hate the Michelle Bachmanns of the American Taliban.

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