NBC's Jones On Senate Committee ObamaCare Vote: 'Looks Like It's Going To Work Out Fine To Pass'

Latest evidence of the MSM/Obama mind-meld . . .

Reporting on the prospects of an ObamaCare bill coming up for a Senate committee vote, NBC's Athena Jones told Tamron Hall during MSNBC's 4 PM hour today: "It looks like it's going to work out fine to pass tomorrow."

ATHENA JONES: Hi David [Shuster] and Tamron. Well, as you mentioned, Capitol Hill will really be the center of the action tomorrow. The Senate Finance Committee is expected to vote on its version of the health care bill.

. . .  .

TAMRON HALL: So Athena, what might we expect tomorrow with this vote, or do we pretty much know how this is going to work out?

JONES: It looks like it's going to work out fine to pass tomorrow.  I mean, they're counting the votes, so you expect that they wouldn't bring it to the floor unless they have a sense of where it's going to go.

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