Shock at Obama's Nobel Angers Daily Kos: 'America Oblivious To Its Reign of Terror'

Unsurprisingly, Obama's Nobel Prize sparked the daily Two Minutes Hate for Bush at the Daily Kos. It's apparently only been nine months since we were a terrorist nation, according to blogger Crispian Day. He thought it was a joke that anyone would question that Obama was fully deserving of the honor:

In just eight months President Obama has taken us from looking like crazed, bible distributing (in Arabic no less) war mongering, macho, family killing raping and torturing nation that we WERE into a nation of peace seeking. Are you kidding me?

You think that's easy... try getting two people who don't like each other to change... just two. He has turned the outlook of the whole world from one where everyone was worried about WW3 or WMD or Nukes, or mounting terrorism into a world of hope....

There are people who are calling for him to turn it down. I think President Obama will say that this is where we all need to start and he will tell us where we should go from here. This gives him so much clout on the world stage. How can you turn down MORE clout to get more PEACE accomplished? And hopefully it will help with the world's crappiest Senate.

It's still the "world's crappiest Senate," stuffed with Democrats. Wow. In a post titled "Nobel Shock shows America oblivious to its reign of terror," the Kosmonaut with the byline "Nashville Fan" said we barely avoided World War III by electing McCain:

Those folks cheering in the streets around the world weren't cheering for the "first black President". They were cheering for an end of tyranny and oppression from the "shining beacon on the hill".

We take all these things for granted, because the bombs don't blow up here, the carnage doesn't fill the streets here, President Bush said it plainly - we fight them over THERE so we don't have to fight them here.

So we Americans are oblvious and shocked at the impact our President has had on the lives of billions of people around the world, who once again can view the stars and stripes as a sign of a friend, and not a foe.

President Obama EARNED the Nobel prize by ignoring the "conventional wisdom" that said negotiating is weak, admitting error is weak, working in alliances is weak and finally recognizing that ALL PEOPLE are precious in God's sight, not just Americans.

With posts like these, can leftists really pretend that it's the conservatives who hate America right now? Or could they understand the idea that there's a difference between loving your country and loving your current president?

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