McCain Fires Back at Jon Stewart: 'Gets Away' With Being 'Absolutely Wrong;' Jabs Media

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On the 20 July 2014 edition of Media Buzz, Senator John McCain brushed off Jon Stewart's latest slam at him over the Iraq War. Host Howard Kurtz wondered, "Is Jon Stewart fair to Republicans?" McCain bluntly answered, "No, but it doesn't matter really. He's a comedian." When Kurtz brought up Stewart's "sizable following among young people," the Republican contended that "he's a very entertaining and funny guy, but...when he says things...that are absolutely wrong, he gets away with it."

Earlier in the interview, the Fox News Channel host raised the conservative critique about the liberal media's deferential treatment of President Obama, and wondered if that was less true since his second inauguration:

HOWARD KURTZ: A lot of people, as you know, say the press has always been very sympathetic to Barack Obama. You ran against him six years ago. But has that been as true in the second term, where there have been all these scandals and controversies?

JOHN MCCAIN, (R), ARIZONA SENATOR: I think that the press, in some ways, would have been harder on George W. Bush, when you look around the world and see the turmoil in the world today. Literally every place you look is in some kind of turmoil. And so, I think the media, in many respects – particularly, when I read some of the – quote, commentators' columns – they continue to apologize and justify what is clearly a failed national security policy on this administration.