Worse Than Waterboarding: Maimed Man at MoveOn Protest Is Butt of Rachel Maddow's Sick Jokes

Do you ever wonder how morally upside-down a liberal can be when they can furrow their brow and decry the waterboarding of the man who plotted the September 11 mass murder, but find it funny when a conservative gets maimed? Via Radio Equalizer, we learn that radical MSNBC host Rachel Maddow thinks it’s funny that an anti-Obama protester had his pinky bit off at a health care event. The screen behind her attempted humor (in a reference for the older audience members, to NBC's Laugh-In): "Fickle Finger of Fight."

Despite earlier reports to the contrary today, the piece of the man`s finger that got bit off could not be reattached. So -- Well, luckily to the extent that word can ever apply to a person who's just had their finger bitten off, luckily, the bitee, despite proclaiming his belief that health care reform is part of a giant scheme for the government to 'grab what's left of our freedom away from us,' luckily that guy, the bitee, is covered by Medicare! The great, big, government-run, single-payer health care system in this country that removes the threat of bankruptcy pursuant to injury for Americans age 65 and older.

How bad would the maimed man's injuries have to be for Maddow to think it wasn't funny?

Rachel Maddow
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